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Since April 1999, has been the premier destination for custom-designed desktop wallpaper featuring the most beautiful women of the world, from top supermodels to celebrities.

Thanks to its constant flow of new unique users and the dedicated work of the team, the monthly features of this site has allowed new rising stars as Bobbi Billard, Christina Lindley, Neriah Davis and many others to get the exposure they deserve.

DesktopGirls offers its viewers a multitude of new wallpapers every week created in-house, while also allowing its users to expose their own creative skills by posting their best work on the site.

Site Statistics

  • Monthly Ad Impressions: Approx. 16 million impressions / month
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: Approx. 1.1 million unique users / month
  • Average Visit Length: 7.8 minutes
  • Average Age: 18-23 years old
  • Male/Female Ratio: 93% male

    Site Features

  • Weekly custom-designed wallpapers (average of 8 per week)
  • Monthly featured model with biography and official links
  • Weekly e-mail list (currently 15,000 subscribers)
  • Categories such as Artwork, Supermodels, Celebrities and Swimsuits
  • Monthly question polls and demographic surveys
  • Top 15 most popular downloads
  • Unique Advertising Opportunity

    Our previous affiliation with the IGN network has given us full exposure to the network, which ranked 34th overall in Media Metrix's Top 50 most visited web properties, right up there with and (December 2000).

    Currently, we are ranked under 16,000 on the Alexa Web Information Service.

    Most of the visitors from our affiliation have been retained, causing the site to double its traffic within 3 months.

    Our current and ongoing link exchange with some of the top entertainment and wallpaper sites continues to provide thousands of daily new visitors.

    Partial List of Recent Advertisers

    Universal Studios, Handspring, Aria, Motorola, New Line Cinema, Fox, Sierra, Pacific Sunwear, Dell,, CNET, Old Navy,, SwitchHouse, JobDirect,, Showtime, X-Drive, Hyundai, AT&T. Others include NBCi, FreeLotto, Intergal, Galt Technologies

    Contact Information

    For advertising or other inquiries, please contact us.

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